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Work in the working group of the National Council for the reconstruction of Ukraine from the effects

In pursuance of the Decree of the President of Ukraine of April 21, 2022 №266 / 2022 on the National Council for the Recovery of Ukraine from the effects of war, a working group on economic recovery and development was launched, to which an expert was invited Оlena Kotykova, Chairman of the Board of the РО «Regional Center of European Educational Scientific Enterprises», Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Business Economics of the Mykolaiv National Agrarian University.

The main tasks of the working group are to develop an action plan for post-war reconstruction and development of Ukraine; identification and development of proposals for priority reforms, the implementation of which is necessary in the war and postwar periods; preparation of strategic initiatives, draft regulations, the adoption and implementation of which are necessary for the effective operation and reconstruction of Ukraine in the war and postwar periods.


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