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International integration: Lecture

Today we listened to the lecture "On the current situation with democracy in Europe and beyond - crises and solutions", which was held by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Geißel ( . Despite the fact that the lecture was presented in German, the information was also available in English at the link provided by the lecturer. In addition, the successful presentation of most of the information in the form of infographics contributes to better understanding.

Based on the results of the three lectures we listened to, we would like to note some features regarding their organization and conduct, which we believe would be useful to implement in Ukraine.

1. All lectures are published by Alfried-Krupp-Kolleg Greifswald in several ways: on the official website; on stands in all halls of Alfried-Krupp-Kolleg Greifswald; through press releases (pictured).

2. Lectures can be listened both offline and online: the lecture is broadcast (using the Zoom platform) live. All listeners can ask questions both orally and in writing.

3. All lecturers are well-known scientists in their field who were once fellows of the Alfried-Krupp-Kolleg Greifswald. That is, Alfried-Krupp-Kolleg Greifswald invites its outstanding graduates to give guest lectures.

4. All lectures must be moderated so that the speaker can focus exclusively on the lecture.

5. Lectures are mostly available in two languages - the native language of the lecturer and, necessarily, English.


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