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International internship of members of the organization

Congratulations to the members of the PO "Regional Center for European Educational and Scientific Initiatives" Olena KOTYKOVA, Olga Khristenko, Anna TABATSKOVA, Mykola BABYCH and Anastasia TKACHUK with successful completion and certification of international online training on "Methods of simplified software planning and automation of enterprise planning processes using the MAX program", organized by the University of Applied Sciences Germany together with Sumy National Agrarian University in the framework of the program of support of Ukrainian partner institutions.

During the two-week training, participants had the opportunity to learn about approaches to planning in German agricultural enterprises from Georg Schauer and received information about the possibilities of the information sites LfL Deckungsbeiträge und Kalkulationsdaten ( idb / default.html) and the Board of Trustees for Technology and Construction in Agriculture e.V. (KTBL) (

We thank the organizers for the informative event and look forward to further cooperation!


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