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The work of the International scientific-practical conference has started

On January 20, the International scientific-practical conference"Agriculture sustainability is the basis of food security of Ukraine" began its work.

The conference is held in the framework of the Programme Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Support to Associations "The European experience of forming a food security system based on principles of sustainable agricultural land use development".

The conference was organized by the РO "Regional Center for European Educational and Scientific Initiatives" with the support of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

131 people representing 7 European countries - Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Lithuania and Ukraine – registered to take part in the conference. In Ukraine, the conference participants are representatives from 16 regions.

The working program provides for 2 days of the conference: January 20 - plenary and the first section meeting; January 21 - meeting of the second and third sections.


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