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According to the Statute of the РO "Regional Center of European Educational Scientific Enterprises", the members of the organization promote educational, scientific, cultural and educational activities to establish a European democratic civil society and spread the idea of a united Europe in all fields of education and science. participation in conferences, seminars, round tables, etc.

Thus, 6 members of the РO took part in the section of the Department of Business Economics of the Black Sea Regional Scientific and Practical Conference of Professors of the Mykolaiv National Agrarian University "Ukrainian Rural Development – the basis of agrarian reform in Ukraine", which was held remotely online on April 21, 2022.

Members of the NGO presented the results of their own research on the Erasmus + SUPPA Project – Jean Monnet Associations "The European experience of forming a food security system based on principles of sustainable agricultural land use development", in particular:

- Principles of food security formation on the basis of sustainable development of agricultural land use (speaker – Chairman of the Board of the РO, Doctor of Economics, Professor Olena Kotykova);

- Global trends in the availability and consumption of calories by the population (speaker – Member of the Board of the РO, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor Mykola Babych);

- Migration of the population as a factor in the formation of food potential (speaker – Member of the Board of the РO, PhD, Professor Elena Pogorelova);

- World markets for agricultural products (speaker – Member of the РO, PhD, Associate Professor Olga Khristenko);

- Development of agricultural production in the formation of food security of the country (speaker – Member of the РO, PhD Anna Tabatskova);

- World experience in forming the concept of sustainable development (speaker – Member of the РO, PhD Tatiana Oliynyk).

We thank the participants of the conference for an interesting and meaningful discussion, we wish you new achievements and accomplishments!


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