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Meeting of section №1 of the International scientific-practical conference

In the first section meeting of the Internationalscientific-practical conference "Agriculture sustainability is the basis of food security of Ukraine", which took place on January 20, 2022 (13:00-14:30), attended by more than 50 participants.

Speakers at the first section:

Olena Pohorielova, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Accounting and Economic Analysis of the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, doctoral student of MNAU (Mykolaiv, Ukraine) with the report "The theoretical foundations of the food safety system based on the agricultural land use sustainability";

Oleksandr Yermakov, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Professor of the Department of Economics (Kyiv, Ukraine) with the report "The indicators and criteria of the agricultural land use sustainability";

Oleg Fedirets, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Management named after I.A. Markina Poltava State Agrarian University (Poltava, Ukraine) with a report "The criteria for assessing the development of the agri-food sector in modern conditions";

Vadym Petrenko, Assistant at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (Weienstefan-Trisdorf, Germany) with the report "The current state of food security: Ukraine and the EU".

The speakers' reports can be found in the attached file. Video materials of the section are posted at the link

Секція 1_презентації спікерів
Download PDF • 2.53MB


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