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Assistance of foreign organizations to Ukrainian scientists. Get to know – University of Hohenheim

Each new acquaintance with universities in Germany opens up completely new ideas and constantly pleasantly surprises us. The University of Hohenheim was no exception. For example, the University of Hohenheim has developed a platform for the University of Hohenheim Award Finder website with CSR ( The site is designed to interactively search for sustainability awards for companies in Germany from farms to zoos. The site's database contains more than 150 sustainable development competitions that recognize excellent sustainable development performance of companies. This is a great idea not only to promote ideas, but also the possibility of a real reward for those companies that adhere to the principles of sustainable development.

At the University of Hohenheim, we were interested in the Institute of Agricultural Policy and Markets ( The Institute includes four departments, which include the Department of Agricultural Markets. Meeting with the head of the Department of Agricultural Markets Prof. Sebastian Hess held place online and took place in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We discussed possible areas of cooperation, as our research topics have many common issues. Prof. Sebastian Hess kindly invited us to a personal meeting at the University of Hohenheim, which we are already looking forward to!

Photo of the Institute of Agricultural Policy and Markets from the University of Hohenheim website (


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